This year’s fifth Portuguese edition of the Verallia Design Awards announced its winner.

Paulo Oliveira, from the Art and Design school of the Polytechnical Institute of Leira, won first prize for his Acrolea bottle. This long model stood out thanks to its shades-of-cannelle décor and special engravings on the shoulders and push-up.

The student design competition chose the theme 'Olive oil, as transparent as glass', as it is the basic ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine.

A total of 79 projects competed and Verallia employees, customers and partners shortlisted ten projects.

Verallia subsidiaries have organised the annual design competition since 2009. This year, the competition was organised by Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine.

Students and young art or design school graduates are required to design an innovative type of glass from a selected theme. The entrants also receive support from Verallia’s teams to familiarize themselves with the glass material and its demanding industrial requirements.