The Mumm Grand Cordon bottle, co-produced with Verallia under its premium brand Selective Line, has received international acclaim.

The bottle recently picked up the Formes de Luxe award in Monaco, in the ‘containers’ category, together with the technical panel’s grand prize, and the Gold Pentaward in the ‘Luxury, premium wines and champagne’ category in Shanghai.

The two awards recognise technical prowess in glassmaking and in the world of champagne houses.

In 1876, to pay tribute to some of his clients and underline the quality of his champagnes, Georges Hermann Mumm, founder of the champagne house, came up with the idea of decorating some bottles with the red ribbon of the Legion of Honor.

The bottles were offered decorated with a real, silk red ribbon sealed in a cross by a label on which was written Cordon Rouge. In 2016, to celebrate the brand’s 140th anniversary, Ross Lovegrove redesigned the bottle keeping this original idea, so that the legend lives on.

Signed Ross Lovegrove, the bottle’s design is distinctive thanks to its narrow neck and sleek body. Its contours, sober and harmonious, are emphasised by the famous red cord represented by a ribbon engraved into the glass thickness and painted red.

“This bottle reflects the deep collaboration between the know-how of the Maison Mumm and Verallia’s unrivalled expertise” said Jean-Pascal Martin-Festa, purchasing & development director for the Maison Mumm.

Technical prowess

Verallia set all its teams to work to respond quickly to the Maison Mumm’s request. “The challenge of this bottle resides mostly in producing the red cord engraving while ensuring that the champagne remains perfectly pressure-resistant.

"The extremely short time-to-market for this project was facilitated thanks to the close distance between the design and engineering office and our manufacturing workshop,” explained Cédric Jumel, Champagne market director.

Produced in Oiry, the Mumm Grand Cordon bottle comes in a range of contents. “It is also thanks to Verallia’s exceptional know-how in the field of large champagne containers and its high quality standards that the collection was able to see the day.”