US glass container manufacturer Verallia North America has introduced a new line of four and six ounce capacity single serve yogurt glass jars for national distribution.

The yogurt containers extend the company’s line of dairy glass packaging products.

It incorporates a sealing primer that enables commercial yogurt producers to use traditional foil heat seal lids and induction heat sealing equipment to meet current FDA requirements for proper packaging closure.

It said the new packaging has the potential to impact the way the industry develops, packages and markets yogurt because the new glass containers could change consumer perception of this growing food category.

Phil McPherson, senior vice president and general manager, food, beverage and spirits said in a statement. “Yogurt is a booming food category, especially premium spoonable varieties such as Greek, pro/pre biotic and dessert yogurts. Fast-growing consumer demand is prompting more food manufacturers to enter and expand investments in the yogurt sector.

"Our yogurt glass jars offer commercial dairies and food producers a new healthy packaging choice that can give them an edge in this competitive market.”