Glassmaker Verallia has become a member of Glass Futures, the not-for-profit organisation which focuses on glass research and development, innovation and training.

Verallia has joined the organisation to help create eco-friendly solutions that enhance the lives of its global consumers.

The French-headquartered packaging glass manufacturer said it would benefit from the connection of Glass Futures to the global glass industry and academia in order to deliver R&D and innovation.

Corinne Payen, R&D Director at Verallia Group said: "Our goals are ambitious, and to achieve them, we must introduce breakthrough innovations.

“The Glass Futures facilities offer an unparalleled opportunity to test a spectrum of solutions, mitigating risks during the initial industrialisation phase."

Richard Katz, CEO of Glass Futures, said: "Our collaboration with Verallia reshapes the glass packaging landscape. Aligned in commitment, we will cultivate innovative solutions that lead to a more eco-friendly future."