Verallia France has partnered with Maison Hennessy and Veolia to strengthen the circularity of glass spirit bottles.

The three companies aim to recycle, recover and reuse waste glass from spirits bottles to transform back into glass packaging.

Everglass, a subsidiary of Verallia France, has upgraded its glass processing site in Châteaubernard, France.

The Everglass site will now receive extra white glass scraps from the bottling lines at Maison Hennessy to be recycled.

Nicolas Le Feuvre, Managing Director of Everglass, said: “Cullet is a major issue for Verallia. We therefore give ourselves the necessary means to increase its availability.

"As a local actor, our role is to maximise the glass collection and processing infrastructure.

“It is also thanks to partners like Maison Hennessy and Veolia that we can act locally in synergy to making the circularity of glass a reality.”

Veolia will recover glass waste from the Maison Hennessy site and transport it to the Everglass site. To lessen its carbon footprint, Veolia’s transport vehicles run on biofuel.

Everglass said the aims of the collaboration are to increase the availability of recycled glass on the market, and respond to Verallia Group's objective of integrating 66% of external cullet into its production by 2030.

Everglass in figures:

  • 900,000 tonnes of cullet collected: this is more than 40% of all household glass collected in France.
  • Two integrated processing centres (Everglass) and more than 10 partner centres.
  • 94% recycling rate: 100 tonnes of waste = 96 tonnes of clean cullet in the manufacture of hollow packaging.
  • 60 employees.