Verallia has produced liquor bottles and gherkin jars for the Made In France movement.

Liquor bottles

The new bottle was designed in collaboration with Verallia for the aniseed aperitifs market.

José Garcia, Sales Director of Verrerie d’Albi (VOA), a subsidiary of Verallia, said: “Like its contents, the bottle has taken off to the fields.

“To convey this idea of final product freshness, work was done on colour identification.

“In the end, tank-coloured green glass was chosen.”

The packaging will contain a new recipe for the first time. It will consist of Pastis de Marseille made with aniseed from fresh plants and grown by local producers in the Haute-Provence region.

The bottle has a rectangular base, aerodynamic silhouette and round shoulders with the brand logo engraved on the two side cartridges.

The green bottles were first launched at VOA in Tarn in January 2017. Since then, two Verallia plants in France have supported the development of this bottle.

Gherkin jars

Verallia is supplying a variety of jars to Reitzel Briand and its brand Le Jardin d’Orante.

The glass manufacturer is supporting the revival of the gherkin sector for the Made In France movement. It is the sole supplier of the 425ml format.

Its French gherkins are the only ones available in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Reitzel Briand aims to ensure that gherkins are grown, harvested, prepared and packed in France with French ingredients and packaging.