Verallia has suspended production at its Ukrainian glass manufacturing facility.

The container glass manufacturer has temporarily stopped production of its Zorya site, while keeping its two furnaces in hot condition for the moment.

Dr. Dirk Bissel, CEO of Verallia Deutschland, which owns the site said: "We have decided to temporarily shut down production ‐ in line with our crisis plans ‐ in an orderly and controlled manner at the present time in order to protect the workforce.

"Thanks to our preparations in recent weeks and months, the situation at the plant can proceed in a planned manner and without any major risk."

Verallia has limited exposure to Ukraine, with the plant located in the West part of the country. Last year sales represented around €50 million.

Half of the production is sold to domestic customers while the rest is mostly exported to rest of Europe.

European glass manufacturer Vetropack suspended production at its Gostomel, Ukraine production facility last week.