Verallia has signed a green energy supply agreement with Edison Energia for its Italian glass manufacturing facilities.

Edison Energia is a company engaged in the sale of electricity and gas to businesses and households.

The multi-year Power Purchase Agreement will allow Verallia to reduce its CO2 emissions and is anticipated to save scope 2 emissions of 170 thousand tons.

The energy supplied - amounting to more than 350 GWh - will come from a mix of renewable sources from different plants in Italy: a new photovoltaic plant in Viterbo will be the primary source.

"Verallia has long decided to play a leading role in the transformation of the packaging sector, intensifying its actions - the reduction of 46% of emissions by 2030 - and strengthening the circular and virtuous dimension of glass packaging," Edison said.

Marco Ravasi, CEO of Verallia Italia, said: “The agreement allows us to make our sustainability commitment concrete and continue in the decarbonisation process through the use of renewable energy.

“This partnership, in fact, is part of our group's broader strategy to increase the share of renewable energy and follows a first PPA already signed by Verallia in Europe: a further step towards the 2030 Science Based Targets initiative for the reduction of C02."