Verallia is to invest €50 million in its Spanish operations in 2018.

Verallia’s planned investments in 2018 are: Zaragoza, where the facilities will be updated in the early months of the year; Azuqueca de Henares, with a new production line be added to its new facilities; and Burgos, where the furnace will be totally refurbished converting it into one of the largest in Europe.

The company said increased domestic and export demand, an upturn in end markets and increased consumer awareness of the advantages of glass have combined to make Spain a strategic country.

The Zaragoza plant – where an investment of €20 million is planned – is currently refurbishing its facilities. These improvements are designed to increase flexibility and capacity, and modernise both the furnace and the production lines.

At Azuqueca de Henares, where the plant was totally upgraded in 2017, it will invest €5 million to add a new line in order to regain, by next spring, the plant’s previous production level with one furnace only instead of two furnaces.

At Sevilla, in the second half of 2018, the capacity of one production line will be increased.

Finally, the group will invest €30 million at the Burgos plant to provide it with a latest-generation furnace and new machinery, so Verallia can keep up with the Spanish wine market’s growth.

The new furnace’s production will be greater than at Azuqueca, as the company will have the largest furnace in Europe at its Burgos site.

Pictured: Verallia's Zaragoza plant will recveive a €20 million investment.