Verallia’s Selective Line has unveiled its style book for 2018

The book, produced by the design agency Carlin in collaboration with Selective Line’s marketing team, reveals the design trends identified for 2018 from which new bottle shapes and decorations are imagined.

The style book is presented to customers and design agencies to inspire their future developments.

Three trends have been identified this year: Arty Zen, Exploration 2.0 and Carpe Diem.

They have inspired the new bottle shapes and decorations produced by Verallia’s décor companies, Saga Décor in France and Verallia Polska in Poland.

Trend: Arty Zen

The decoration for the Atlanta bottle for Rose Art, features details of interwined feathers, roses and vegetation that are black screenprinted.

Trend: Exploration 2.0

This trend explores the chiaroscuro and sings the praises of raw sophistication.

The decoration produced on the Osaka Black Sunshine bottle is one interpretation of this with black lacquering fading towards the top combined with multiple texture effects and visuals.

Trend: Carpe Diem

To conclude on a high, Carpe Diem (pictured) reveals a new authentic but cool craft and claims the need to refocus on the present moment and let go.

The decoration produced on the Tokyo Limoncello bottle expresses this sublimed and colourful naturalness aided by Saga Décor’s ink-jet printing.