Verallia’s Oiry glass container plant has chosen the latest non-contact inspection technology from Iris Inspection machines to deliver the exacting quality expectations of local customers.

Oiry is located close to the town of Épernay, France and is a manufacturer of sparkling wine bottles for many of the world’s Champagne brands.

The Oiry plant has been extensively modernised in the past two years and houses one melting furnace and four production lines, with Iris camera-based inspection machines now featured at the cold end of two lines.

The first installation was completed on one line at the beginning of 2015 and comprises two Evolution 5 machines for the detection of faults, in particular stress defects in base and finish areas.

Production flexibility is an essential element of Verallia’s manufacturing capabilities at Oiry, with the ability to make everything from small to very tall Champagne bottles.

The Evolution 5 machines were purchased to replace existing automatic inspection equipment and were selected because of their modular design and improved inspection results.

The machines feature motorised cameras and can inspect all ware sizes in heights up to 600mm and diameters up to 200mm.

Production specialists at Oiry are able to perform fast and precise inspection of fine over finish, unfilled, overpressed, wire edge and other defects using the Evolution 5 equipment.

Two more Iris Inspection machines have been installed in recent weeks, having been purchased for another refurbished and modernised line of the factory.

Verallia specified two Evolution 16 machines for sidewall and sidewall stress inspection for this project.

These machines successfully perform the inspection of engravings, irrespective of bottle orientation.