Creative trend bureau Carlin and glass producer Verallia's brand Selective Line collaborate to present design trend forecasts in a Stylebook for 2019.

The Stylebook was made with clients and design agencies in mind, in order to inspire future product development and keep at the forefront of packaging trends.

This year, the Stylebook includes three trends: Urbanites, Ultimate and Joyful. These trends have inspired new glass bottle shapes and decorations created by companies such as Saga Décor, the Société Charentaise de Décor in France and Verallia Polska in Poland.

The first theme, Urbanites, is described as ‘everyday anti-standard enthusiasm in hybrid places’. The 33cl ebony bottle has a colour-blocking design.

The second theme, Ultimate, is described as ‘balanced evening enthusiasm in symbolic places’. The bottle has a labyrinth design and includes a gold screen print with a hot image transfer.

The final theme, Joyful, is described as ‘uninhibited weekend enthusiasm in intergenerational places’. The wine bottle has a stripy maritime decoration in a diamond-style cut. It also includes screen-printed luminescent ink, which reveals the diamonds glinting on the stripes under UV light.