Perfumery and cosmetics glass manufacturer Verescence plans to electrify its furnaces.

Its Furnace 1 at the Mers-les-Bains production plant in France will be the group's first furnace to use this technology in 2025.

In 2020 Verescence committed to the carbon neutral glass Vercane project which aimed to identify the different energy sources capable of powering glass production in a sustainable way, including electricity.

The progressive electrification of its seven melting furnaces in France, Spain, the United States and South Korea is a key step towards achieving Verescence's objective of reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2034 (scopes 1 and 2).

The project will start during the reconstruction of furnace 1 of the Mers-les-Bains plant in three years.

Helene Marchand, General Manager France, said: “I’m pleased to announce this major development which will allow us to decrease by half our CO2 emissions in less than 10 years in France and bring us even closer to our zero-carbon ambition by 2050.

“Our new electric furnace 1 on which we have been working for more than a year will be the group's pilot furnace.”