Vertech proposed a manufacturing execution system (MES) to glassmakers at a recent technical conference.

The company participated at the 91 Glastechnische Tagung conference in Weimar, Germany at the end of May 2017.

The aim of the presentation was to show its SIL interoperability between the different departments of the plant. Its system is for the areas of production, quality, mould shop, resorting area and management in a glassmaking plant.

Vertech’s Sales Manager, Mrs Mélanie Basset presented the modularity of the system, which enables team work and gives glassmakers efficient tools to supervise their plant(s).

Thanks to the interoperability, its SIL system gives more information to glassmakers.

Real time access on the events from the lines, the mould shop, the lab etc ensures glassmakers can make the right decision at the right moment. The plant can act on its process to improve its performance and reduce customer risks.

The SIL MES is no longer available just on PCs and on laptops. It is now also available on smart devices for immediate access to plant performance, group performance and any personalised KPI’s.

The SIL manufacturing execution system for glassmakers is actually a connected object itself.

Vertech will provide new uses for connected devices within a factory at the forthcoming free-to-attend Industry 4.0 conference titled ‘Future Glass Forum’ which takes place in Lyon, France on September 6 and 7.