Online operators now have an at-a-glance view of the main performance indicators on their production line, with real time notifications about upcoming production events.

With the SIL dashboard, operators can see the main production indicators, with direct access to detailed information, leading to improved user navigation and reactivity.

The SIL dashboard is based on intranet software allowing the operator to parameter widgets for each production line with greater flexibility.

SIL2015 also includes new major functionalities such as variable equipment management capabilities; follow up of the production equipment efficiency rate; and the flexible management of periodical actions.

SIL by Vertech’ is compatible with many types of inspection equipment or devices on the market.

It also manages quality controls, mould sets, pallet audit, pallet resorting, raw materials, glass campaigns, and decoration lines.

More than 550 production lines are now equipped with the SIL solution worldwide, in glass plants in the food & beverage, perfumes, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, with one main goal: Improving plant efficiency.