Vertech’ has upgraded its hardware for its SIL analysis solutions.

The company’s SIL solutions provide a clear view and analysis of production data in real time.

The cornerstones of SIL are the software and its database, the services provided by SIL experts and the hardware, which must be reliable, robust, and resistant to extreme factory conditions such as heat and humidity.

SIL interfaces and data exchange rely on hardware and equipment such as thin clients, industrial mice, moxas, displays, servers, acquisition units, shoe boxes and counting cells among others.

Its R&D team is continuously testing new equipment and technologies to guarantee solutions for clients.

This work ensures the SIL capability to integrate demanding server technologies and keep up with regular OS updates and licensing policies.

The hardware upgrades are a new SILAcq 2018 acquisition unit with Fanless Shoebox. It is smaller and lighter than previous SILAcq versions and this new unit has improved input terminal blocks and a new layout that allows a faster wiring.

The new SILClient micro terminal for hot end, cold end, laboratory and manager workstations. Vertech’ said it is ultra compact and ultra light and the micro terminal takes up little space and has lower transport costs.

Thin clients are on stock in each Vertech' branch in order to quickly provide customers with spare parts.