Italian tableware glass manufacturer Vetreria di Borgonovo has completed the renovation of a furnace.

The industrial furnaces present at its Borgonovo, Piacenza, Italy, facility are capable of producing up to 120 tonnes of glass per day.

Now the larger of the two furnaces has just completed renovations, an event that happens every 7 years or so.

The operations to renew the oven, from switching it off to restarting it, lasted about a month and a half.

The production activity of Vetreria is based on the operation of two end port furnaces, i.e. equipped with regeneration chambers and rear burners.

The two ovens have different dimensions: 23m2 and 41m2. Different sizes correspond to different production capacities: 60 tons/day and 120 tons/day.

The two ovens together can feed 9 production lines.