Glass packaging producer Vetropack will host the formal inauguration ceremony of its Boffalora sopra Ticino site in northern Italy today.

The event marks the official commencement of operations at the facility and is attended by key business partners, customers, and notable representatives from the local Italian government.

The event aims to celebrate the achievement of Vetropack as well as its partners and the continuous investment in the expansion and modernisation of the plant.

Speeches by Johann Reiter, CEO of the Vetropack Group (pictured below left), Claude R. Cornaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors (pictured below right), and Sergio Antoci, General Manager of Vetropack Italia, will provide insights into the project and the strategic significance of the facility.

Guests will also have the opportunity to participate in guided tours, providing an overview of the state-of-the-art production.

Mr Reiter said: “We are very happy to have reached this final milestone today. We would not be here today without our partners and would like to thank everyone involved.”

Three days after the inauguration, the site will also host a family event for employees, which will allow them to celebrate the milestone together with their families.

The plant in Boffalora has been operational since May of this year, starting with the initial heat-up of the melting furnaces.

Since its launch, the plant has been slowly transitioning into serial production.

The strategic investment in Boffalora has been centred on the integration of high-performance and smart technologies.

Once the eight production lines are fully operational, the facility will yield an up to 70% increase in production capacity while simultaneously being more resource-efficient and sustainable in its production.

To achieve this, water used for production and exhaust heat from the furnaces will be reused as much as possible thanks to closed-loop systems.

Additionally, emissions will be greatly reduced with the help of the latest filter systems, and the plant will also enable a more flexible production, accommodating smaller batches.

This will allow Vetropack to react quickly to market conditions, positioning the company advantageously for the future.