European glass container manufacturer Vetropack has chosen Acmon Systems for the renovation of a batch house at its Croatian facility.

The initial phase of the project focuses on upgrading a flint glass production line at Vetropack’s glass plant in Croatia which is expected to be fully operational by November 2024.

The upgrade plan encompasses the installation of conveying, weighing and micro dosing equipment, Acmon Systems will also provide new electrical equipment and a process control system.

The process control system boasts full redundancy functionality, ensuring uninterrupted raw material flow to the furnaces, even in the event of individual component failure.

It will integrate with Vetropack’s existing Siemens PCS 7 central distributed control system, (DCS) enabling streamlined operations.

The new installation will be fully dust-proof and built to the highest industry standards.

Acmon Systems’ experience in bulk material handling, combined with its expertise in engineering, automation and process control, positions them as the ideal partner for Vetropack’s batch house renovation project.

George Moshakis, Commercial Director at Acmon Group, said: “Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and robust material handling solution, leveraging our expertise and technical proficiency.

“We are confident that our turn-key approach, coupled with our commitment to sustainability, will contribute to the success of Vetropack’s production line upgrade.”

From conceptual design to detail engineering, Acmon Systems has been the driving force behind this remarkable project.

Acmon Systems assumes single-source responsibility for the batch house renovation, ensuring a seamless implementation and eliminating potential complications associated with multi-vendor coordination.