A foundation set up by glassmaker Vetropack Group has donated the first funds to Ukrainian colleagues affected by the war.

Since its launch last summer the foundation has already received more than US$1 million (CHF960,000) in donations from employees, business partners and customers, the Vetropack Group, and Cornaz Holding.

The glass container manufacturer’s Gostomel, Ukraine site was damaged by fighting during the war. Its Vetropack Gostomel Foundation will support employees from the site whose houses or apartments were destroyed or who have been seriously injured.

Support also goes to families of those employees who lost their lives due to the war.

Employees from other locations, business partners and customers donated money to the cause, with donations from Vetropack employees being doubled by the Vetropack Group until the end of September.

By mid-January, the Foundation had received 20 applications for help due to completely destroyed houses, 17 due to partially destroyed houses, and 10 applications due to war casualties.

They are all being examined in detail. Three injured colleagues have now received payments. Further payments are to be made in the coming weeks.

Johann Reiter, CEO of the Vetropack Group: “The fact that such a large sum was raised in just a few months is an impressive sign of solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine, and one that we can all be proud of.

"It shows that this terrible war may destroy a factory, homes and infrastructure – but not the team spirit and willingness to help within our group."

The foundation’s CHF 960,000 capital is allocated according to clear guidelines. All Vetropack Gostomel employees who were working for the company on 24 February 2022 are eligible for support, as are their families in cases where the employees themselves died due to the war.

In addition to the Advisory Board, an internal team of Vetropack employees on site examines the applications, reviews the relevant documents and then decides on the aid.

The amount of aid can vary depending on the extent and nature of the damage. The members of the Advisory Board are Claude Cornaz, David Zak, Nuno Cunha, Susanne Trier and Pavel Prinko (Chair).

Donations can still be made via the following bank account:

Name: Stiftung Drei Könige des Rotary-Club Zürcher Unterland

IBAN: CH36 0070 0352 4815 3223 0


Transfer purpose: Donation for Vetropack Ukraine

Please provide your name and address so that you can receive a donation receipt.

The donations are forwarded to the Vetropack Foundation Gostomel, set up by Vetropack, via the account of Stiftung Drei Könige des Rotary-Club Zürcher Unterland.

The foundation’s Advisory Board is monitoring payments to its Ukrainian colleagues, which are made in collaboration with the local team.