Spanish container glass manufacturer Vidrala has posted a sales growth of 11.6% in its latest report.

Net sales reported by Vidrala during the first six months 2021 amounted to € 529.5 million, representing a growth of 11.6% over the previous year.

In its latest financial report it said growth in the second quarter of this year was partially explained by last year’s low base of comparison.

It said: “The results confirmed the strength of its diversified business profile and the bright future glass has as the preferred and most sustainable packaging option for food and beverages.

“Demand for glass across our markets remained solid in the first half of 2021, grounded on the strong underlying fundamentals of food and beverages consumption, the progressive reopening of activities and the continuous support from packagers, brand owners and consumers to glass as the ultimate sustainable packaging material.”

Demand remains strong for the rest of 2021, it said, while conditions will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and its impact over consumers habits.

“We will invest more than ever, with our customers in mind, to expand our capabilities with the aim to supply our services and make our products in the most sustainable way.”