Sorg is to supply a high-boosted 480/day furnace to Brazilian glass packager Vidroporto's Porto Ferreira plant in Sao Paulo State.

Vidroporto is a container glass producer for alcoholic beverages and food markets.

It chose Sorg as its technological partner for the new end-fired regenerative furnace.

Looking to reduce its carbon footprint, the end-fired furnace will be the first one in South America to comprise a high-amount of electrical heating (boosting).

It will incorporate Sorg innovations to produce high-quality glass while achieving high thermal efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and a long furnace campaign.

As well as the engineering, supervision, steel structure, equipment and technical support for the furnace, Sorg will also deliver the glass conditioning system to feed three Tandem machines with the latest solutions, including Sorg STW for the distributor and SORG 340+ design for the forehearths.

Vidroporto has two production sites with four furnaces in operation.

Sorg said it was proud to be chosen for the new project, in which it will dedicate its efforts to deliver the topmost technical solutions and to support the Vidroporto team during the project, construction, commissioning and furnace operation.