Vidroporto has started operation of its third furnace at its industrial complex in Porto Ferreira, São Paulo.

The €60 million plant increases the company's production capacity by 150%, and will provide greater competitiveness to the company so as to raise its market share from 7% to 16%.

The installation of the third glass-processing furnace is part of the Vidroporto modernisation project, which aims to consolidate its position among the top three companies specialised in glass packaging in Brazil.

The company expects to more than double its revenues, which should reach US$350 million in 2015.

The newly installed system meets modern standards for the production of glass containers for the food and beverage industries.

The new production line is composed of a raw material storage system and mixing technology, forming equipment, an annealing lehr, and inspection line.

The equipment was imported from Germany, Sweden, Italy and the USA.

The new furnace can produce on average 42 million bottles per month.

To accompany the growth in production, the company hired 200 employees.

The new structure with the latest technology provides the company greater economies of scale in the purchase and sale of products.

It also offers greater competitive power to fight for space in the segments that require greater volume of glass, especially beer.