Vidroporto is to increase producton by 70% at its Indústria Videira do Nordeste (IVN) site in Sergipe, Estância, North-East Brazil.

The Brazilian container glassmaker said it would increase capacity to 370 tonnes a day upon completion of the investment.

The company will invest BRZ100 million ($23.8 million).

in the site, which will include a new 48-section robotic forming machine – the first in Brazil.

It will also increase the number of employees at the site from 180 to 230.

Vidroporto’s national President, Edson Rossi, said the technology installation will make the factory the most modern of its kind in Brazil.

“The technology we are bringing is not yet in Brazil. They are state-of-the-art machines, with a capacity around 50% higher than current production.

They are more productive, with accessories such as robots that do not exist in Brazil in this activity.

“We will have here in Estância, perhaps the most modern factory in Brazil.”

The expansion was made possible thanks to a government reduction in a tax levied on gas for industrial use.

The expansion is expected to be completed in May.