Visy Glass will receive a grant of over AUS $2.5 million (US 1.86 million) from the New South Wales (NSW) and federal government of Australia to increase overall recycling capacity in the state.

Visy have been awarded AUS $2,546,758 for its ‘glass recovery maximisation project’, which will see the company increase the capacity of its Penrith facility to process an additional 50,000 tonnes of glass a year, up to a total of 200,000 tonnes.

Visy hopes that upon completion of the, this project will increase the current recovery of kerbside recycled glass from 53% to 60%, and will also mean an additional 4500 tonnes of furnace ready cullet is kept in the circular economy every year.

A total of 22 grants were awarded, 18 for infrastructure which totalled AUS $24 million.

It is thought that these projects will increase overall recycling capacity in the state by approximately 120,000 tonnes annually.

Another glass recycler, NSW Glass Recyclers is also part of the project and will receive AUS $228,265 (US $167,000) to upgrade its processing plant.

The company said that with these upgrades, it can increase its annual glass crushing capacity from the current 11,000 tonnes per year to 16,000 tonnes per year of glass fines.