Vitro Architectural Glass has restarted production at Line 1 at its Carlisle, Pennsylvania plant.

The company experienced a glass leak on August 17th in 2017, resulting in a complete cold repair of the line.

Tom Abbas, Carlisle Plant Manager, said: “The entire Carlisle team is thankful for the support provided by Vitro management, our employees, suppliers and industry partners following the incident last August.

“I’m very proud of how everyone at Carlisle rose to the occasion to maintain the integrity of the plant and expedite the cold repair.

“It’s great to have the plant at full capacity again.”

The return of Line 1 will result in the restoration of 640 short tonnes of production per day. It will initially focus on running the low iron Starphire Ultra-Clear glass, while Line 2 will continue to produce clear glass.

Roberto Cabrera, Director of Engineering, said: “Working with our internal engineering team and our engineering contractor, we were able to make several improvements to the line.

“Our goal was to get back into production as soon as possible, but with our combined experience we were able to make some environmental and production improvements that will provide greater efficiency and consistency.”

Pictured: Starphire Ultra-Clear glass at Leipziger Messe Neues Messegelaende in Germany