The staff of Procesadoras de Materias Primas (Promapi) Mexico, Vitro’s subsidiary in charge of the recycling of glass containers, has taken a more active role by taking part in the ‘Recycling Container Glass’ programme.

In addition to decontaminating, washing and shredding the containers recovered by Vitro, staff and their relatives, neighbours and friends are invited to contribute to the cause.

The programme is very simple: Once the staff has collected 250 kilos of glass packaging, the promoter is notified, and collection is arranged.

By doing so, the company prevents that glass, a 100% recyclable material, from ending up buried in landfills.

Then, an annual exchange of electrical appliances, toys, and groceries, is carried out. Today this programme benefits 21 families.

The project operates in the Estado de México state, in towns such as La Paz, Chicoloapan, Nezahualcóyotl, and others near the facilities of Promapi.

"This project started in 2006. It was originated by the idea of sharing with our collaborators the economic, social, and environmental benefits of recycling, strengthening their sense of belonging to the company, and inviting them to live values of Vitro" said Rubén Velázquez, Recycling Promoter of the centre- southern region.

"As part of their induction to the Company, we explain the programme to them, creating environmental awareness among our people.

“We have had excellent results: Enthusiasm for improving their communities encourages them to recycle more and more and to invite more people to participate" said Velázquez.

Juan José García, Union Deputy said: "It is important to participate, in order to help our environment and in return receive an incentive; with this action we invite our colleagues, friends and family to join this project for glass recycling".

From 2006 to present day, 110,777 kilos of containers have been collected, of which 20,980 were recovered in the last year.