Vitro, the leading glass producer in Mexico, has signed a contract with Constellation Brands to produce 7,300 million beer bottles for export, with an estimated sales value of US$950 million.

The contract will be in place over the next seven years and will triple the current volume of Vitro’s production for the beer market.

As a result, the company will invest about $100 million dollars for the construction of a new furnace at its Monterrey plant.

“The new furnace will be built using our own technology, developed by Fabricación de Máquinas, and will begin operations within 18 months. During that time, we will manufacture in Toluca and Querétaro to meet these new commitments; both sites will continue producing for Constellation Brands once the new Monterrey furnace starts working,” stated Adrián Sada Cueva, CEO of Vitro.

Constellation Brands began its business relationship with Vitro in the wine industry, where it has consolidated a clear leadership position for decades in the American market.