Mexican manufacturer Vitro has been awarded 47 prizes by the the Asociacion Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje (AMEE, Mexican Containers and Packaging Association).

The association awarded the prizes for glass containers manufactured by Vitro for the food, beverages, carbonated beverages, wine, liquors, beer, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries during its 28th congress “Stellar Container and Packaging”.

The ceremony was held in the Centro de Exposiciones Banamex in Mexico City as part of “Expo Pack Mexico 2013”.

Of the 47 awards, the maximum distinction given to the container Aceitunas Mediterraneas Gourmet 2 KG (Gourmet Mediterranean Olives 2KG) stands out, being considered one of the two best containers of the Contest obtaining the highest score given by the jury.

Similarly its container Salsa Herdez 12 OZ was also awarded the recognition of stellar container in the Safety category, which refers to the protection of the bottled product, consumer convenience, and opening & closing ease.

“Each year we are very pleased to be present in Expo Pack and specially in the award ceremony of the Stellar Container and Packaging contest, because many of the containers produced by Vitro are award-worthy,” said Jesús Zubiría Luque, VP Glass Containers.