This year’s Vitrum show will include a series of events right from the first morning.

The first event will be the Press Conference to inaugurate the show at 11.00 in LEM 2 on 3 October. Those wishing to take part must be registered, with a VIP Pass (yellow/gold bar).

The conference will provide simultaneous translation from English to Italian on request, as well as a Press Kit for all participants.

Speakers at the conference:

* Dino Zandonella Necca - Presidente di Vitrum

* Licia Mattioli - Vice Presidente Confindustria

* Michele Scannavini - Presidente ICE

* Giorgio Giovagnoli - Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

On 3 October 14.30 - 16.00 in Scorpio Room, there will be a Seminar dedicated to the Italian market entitled “Incentives for the renewal of machinery”.

The Seminar will provide an overview on the incentives available for Italian companies to purchase new machinery, with a particular focus on SuperAmmortamento, IperAmmortamento, Nuova Sabatini and Tax Credits for R&D?

The speaker will be Laura Biason, Director of Gimav.

Participation at the seminar is free of charge for all operators at the show registered online at

Those operators wishing to participate, who have not had the chance to register online, may, in any case, come directly to the Scorpio Room.

On 4 October, there will be a Seminar entitled “What’s hot in glass processing” 14.30-17.10 – in the Scorpio Room (for all operators).

Presentations will come from:

• Adi: 14.40 - High performance wheels to reduce TCO

• Glaston: 15.10 - Automatic flat glass tempering process by Miika Äppelqvist/Glaston Finland Oy

• RCN: 15.40 Chemical tempering: Improve the ideas - and give the way to new opportunities

• Adi: 16.10 - Dry and semi wet process for glass repair

Starting from 14.00 the sponsor companies will have their promotional material at their contact desks opposite the Room.

A seminar on "The new laws and regulations for glass in buildings” will take place on 5 October 14.30-16.30 in the Gemini Room (to be confirmed) – dedicated to the Italian market, organized by Assovetro, CSI SpA, Gimav and Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, with the contribution of ICE Agenzia and Vitrum. The seminar includes the following presentations:

• Mario Boschi (Assovetro) – Italian laws and regulations

• Ennio Mognato (Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro) – International rules and regulations

• Marco Scanagatta (CSI) – The contribution of voluntary certification for product compliance

Participation is free of charge for those registered online at:

Those who have not been able to register online may come directly to the room.