WE (West East) Soda has invested in a greenfield project, Project West, for soda ash in Wyoming, US.

Project West will be located near the Green River in Wyoming, US.

The project is in addition to the company’s participation in the Pacific Soda project with Şişecam, in which WE Soda has a 40% interest.

WE Soda is the UK incorporated holding company for the global soda ash operations of Ciner.

Together with existing projects, the company will invest ~$4 billion and add over 6 million mtpa capacity by 2030.

Project West is expected to produce ~3 million mtpa of initial production capacity, and will then be scaled over time to meet global demand.

The project will export through new facilities that the company is developing in California, US, and will target the markets of Asia and Latin America.

WE Soda plans to target production by 2030, which means Project West will target the ~3-4 million tonne gap in supply between 2028 and 2030.

For the first time, the company believes it has the technical capability to develop a project which utilises up to 100% renewable energy.

The company’s CEO, Alasdair Warren, said Wyoming had characteristics that would allow WE Soda to create solar and wind power generation, as well as solar steam.

The project will use solution extraction, which will target the largest deep trona beds.

This is the same technology that is currently being used for the company’s plants in Turkey, and which will be deployed for the Pacific project.