A webinar will investigate how lubricants can improve productivity while facing up to sustainability challenges.

The webinar focused on Lubricants in Glass Making will be presented by Condat’s Victor Grardel and Florent Ruffino, the company’s glass market managers.

It will take place on June 21 at 2:00pm - 3:00pm CEST (1:00pm - 2:00pm BST).

The abstract for the event is as follows:

People working in the glass industry are committed to provide goods of high-quality. They ensure glass product performances and consumer safety and wellbeing.

In the same way, suppliers to the glass industry have developed solutions that improve staff security while reducing environmental impact of the value chain.

In this webinar, discover how new lubricants can help you improve your productivity while facing sustainability challenges.

  • How to improve workers working environment?
  • How to ensure the best performances by using less?
  • How to reduce waste quantities?

These questions are of main concern at Condat and linked to its lubricants development strategy.

Committed to responsible performance, the company philosophy coupled with important R&D efforts has led to release new swabbing greases technologies.

The new white swabbing greases developed are more resistant to high temperatures and allow to remove graphite transfer. They show many advantages:

  • Less rejects to improve productivity
  • Increased swabbing intervals for less contact between operators and IS machines
  • Less residue to improve plant safety
  • Less fumes for a better working environment

In the same way, using proper solutions on your IS Machine specific areas can help you to enhance your process, while optimizing your lubricant consumption. In this webinar, learn also more about the right products suited to each step of your glass forming : shears, scoops, deliveries, blank, neck ring, blow moulds and IS Machine gears, pistons…

Join this webinar now and find out more on new technologies, dedicated solutions and constant improvement that have lead Condat to obtain in 2021 the Ecovadis Platinum certification for its CSR approach.

This result places the company in the top 1% of the best rated companies in the world.

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