A webinar will focus on the use of precious metals in the glass manufacturing process.

The exclusive webinar from German technology group Heraeus, is titled Reducing rhodium content in platinum equipment for glass making industry - impact on material performance and capital invest.

Presenters Sophie Franchitto, Technical Sales Manager, and Dr Matthias Wegner, Head of Innovation, (pictured below) will discuss the glass manufacturing process, which requires strong and resistant tools based on platinum.

Platinum rhodium alloys (PtRh) are widely used – either as solid solution approach or further stabilized through reinforcement with finely dispersed oxide particles (ODS or DPH alloys).

However, the rhodium price is very high and volatile.

It is challenging for glass manufacturers implementing PtRh alloys in their production to balance manufacturing costs against revenue.

Addressing these needs, Heraeus developed a PtRh5 DPH alloy halving the amount of Rh used and maintaining the advantageous properties of the well-known PtRh10 DPH.

It will be dealt in depth during the webinar, which takes place on Tuesday September 21 beginning at 15:00 UK (16:00 CET).

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