Brazilian glass packaging manufacturer Wheaton has developed a lightweight bottle.

The Ecoglass bottle was developed to promote the circular economy and, mainly, to reduce the consumption of raw materials taken from nature.

There are four different models of glass bottles, all developed to protect the environment.

The bottle was made by reducing the weight of glass and the advantages are a reduction in water and energy consumption, in addition to a reduction of more than 30% in CO2 emissions.

The threaded termination allows the product to be refilled, that is, it can be opened easily and refilled with more fragrance through a refill bottle or refueling stations.

The REFIL bottle is an invitation to a change in consumer behaviour, encouraging them to reuse the packaging for a longer time, reducing the generation of waste.

A major trend within the perfumery market is the refilling of perfume, that is, replenishing the packaging after use.

An attitude that reduces the consumption of new packaging and, consequently, reduces the disposal of waste in the environment.