A new book written by Schott scientist Dr. Bettine Boltres provides pharmaceutical companies with basic knowledge of glass and how the material is used best in the pharmaceutical industry.

"When Glass meets Pharma" describes what characteristics the material has, why it possibly interacts with drugs and how it can be processed most effectively in production.

The book has been published in English by Editio Cantor Verlag (ISBN 978-3-87193-432-2). The print edition is now available in bookstores and at amazon.com. An eBook edition is also available (ISBN 978-3-87193-433-9).

"Glass is the material of choice for the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to packing drugs. Nevertheless, the demands on packaging are rising rapidly, mainly due to more stringent regulations by the health authorities. By sharing our knowledge of glass with companies in the pharmaceutical industry, we help them to use glass more effectively," Boltres describes her motivation for writing the book.

Schott has been working with speciality glass for pharmaceutical packaging for 100 years. Back in 1911, the company founder Otto Schott developed the borosilicate glass Fiolax that has become the gold standard for glass packaging in the pharmaceutical industry.

This glass is extremely chemically resistant and therefore ideally suited for use in pharmaceutical packaging. Schott also manufactures more than nine billion vials, syringes, ampoules and cartridges out of Fiolax glass every year.

More information: http://www.amazon.de/When-Glass-meets-Pharma-packaging/dp/3871934321