Germany’s Wiegand-Glas group has acquired 100% of shares of Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH and Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH & Co. KG from its previous owners.

Oliver Wiegand and Nikolaus Wiegand have been appointed as Managing Directors of all companies. Thomas Köhler will remain managing director of Glaswerk Ernstthal.

Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH & Co KG’s registered office will be moved from Wuppertal to Steinbach am Wald.

Employment conditions for all employees at the Ernstthal, Neuhaus am Rennweg and Holzminden locations will remain unchanged.

Wiegand Glass said the takeover would secure its competitiveness in the glass containers market, which has consolidated rapidly in recent years.

It said: “By integrating Glaswerk Ernstthal into the Wiegand-Glas group, two complementary product and customer portfolios come together, thus considerably strengthening the position of Wiegand-Glas on the spirits and spirit miniatures market.

“An important strategic advantage of Wiegand-Glas has always been the use of the latest technologies and innovations. This will remain one of the key factors for the future success of the group.”

The acquisition reaffirms the confidence of the group in glass as well as in the economic strength of the region and its workforce.

The geographical proximity was, particularly for the management, an important factor for the takeover.