Wiegand-Glas has begun work on the rehabilitation of its railway at its Steinbach am Wald site, Germany.

The company has decided to return to rail transportation of its goods and raw materials to save in CO2 emissions.

The company said with every truckload of products transported by rail, it will save approx. 96 grams of CO2 per tkm compared to pure road transport.

The plant will be supplied daily with material via the DB Cargo transhipments station in Saalfeld.

In addition to loading products, it is also possible to obtain raw materials, such as soda, by rail.

On the rehabilitation, Wiegand-Glas said: "The shift to rail as a safe and sustainable means of transport is now a real alternative to classic road transport for us. Our more than 80 million tonne-kilometres of goods by rail since 2013 already speaks for itself.”

The commissioning of the railway connection is planned for 2022.