Wiegand-Glas has started the second amber glass furnace at its Schleusingen plant in Thuringia, Germany.

On 21 March, furnace 2 went into operation at the manufacturer’s Schleusingen plant. Wiegand-Glas said it was “happy and proud” of its colleagues who made the successful start of production possible.

The furnace start-up was postponed in January due to Covid sickness among staff as well as the risings costs of energy and raw materials.

Wiegand-Glas released the following statement: “Despite the current, extremely uncertain supply and cost situation on the energy market, our management decided to start up the second furnace in our new glass plant in Thuringia. This is a sign that Wiegand-Glas is convinced that, together with our customers, business partners and employees, we can overcome this currently very difficult situation.”