Xpar Vision has added a new functionality to its Hot End sensor technology.

Its IR-D system has been extended with a ‘Crucial Rejects’ feature, to achieve a higher level of quality control for bottles and jars and is available now.

An increasing amount of bottling companies demand products with higher standards in terms of quality (zero-defect) against lower cost.

At the same time container glass manufacturers are forced by their customers to implement internal auditing procedures and standards to guarantee quality of deliveries.

Quality Assurance (QA) therefore is becoming more crucial.

Risk reduction
Xpar Vision has supported this need with the integration of a direct connection between the IR-D system and QA systems in the Cold End.

This integration enables container glass manufacturers to reduce the risk of recalls and claims and to minimise blocked pallets (quarantined or held ware) for critical defects.

Any critical defect, detected and rejected by IR-D, generates an additional output signal, which can trigger the Mould Number Reader reject in the cold end automatically.

Another possible application is to activate the Xpar Hot End Reject to reject all neighbouring products from the conveyor (e.g. jar-in-jar) to prevent glass particles to end up in packed ware.

A visible or audible warning can be also connected for this kind of event. Logically, all events are stored in the XMIS database for reporting and traceability, also for QA purposes.

In summary, any direct connection can be established to Hot End ware reject, Cold End Equipment and Production Information Systems (e.g. Vertech).

Available now!
The new functionality is called ‘Crucial Rejects’. It is available with the release of v7.10 IR-software and can be retrofitted to the latest generation IR-D systems.

Contact the Xpar Vision Sales Department (sales@xparvision.com) or an account manager directly for more information.