Xpar Vision and Bucher Emhart Glass have signed a cooperation agreement.

The agreement will see Bucher Emhart Glass launch its BlankRadar, based on two of XPAR Vision’s products, the Gob Assist (GA) and the Blank Temperature Control (BTC).

BlankRadar is based on Xpar’s Gob Assist (GA) and the Blank Temperature Control (BTC).

Bucher Emhart Glass will provide full product support for the BlankRadar system and will also continue to sell and support the established TCS.

Xpar Vision will continue to sell its GA and BTC system independently. Similar to the Gob Assist, the BlankRadar comprises a camera module with two optical cameras positioned at the blank side of the IS machine. The acquired data enables stable gob loading and faster gob loading after an equipment and/or job change.

Similar to the BTC, a temperature control element of the system slides along the same rail system as the gob-loading element. It contains two different temperature sensors: one for metal and one for glass. With this system the glassmakers are able to perform contactless temperature measurement at the blank side.

The BlankRadar will be available through Bucher Emhart Glass with immediate effect. This cooperation agreement will not interfere with any other agreement that either party has already.

“The BlankRadar system contains state-of-the art sensor technologies which will enable Bucher Emhart Glass to continue and enhance its automation and production support, including closed loop developments,” confirmed Martin Jetter, President of Bucher Emhart Glass.

“This cooperation is an appreciation of our advanced hot end sensor technology and an important step in our efforts to optimise the container glass production process in order to make the container glass industry more competitive with other packaging materials,” stated Paul Schreuders, Xpar Vision CEO.