The Vetropack Group and Xpar Vision have strengthened their cooperation in the Hot End by installing a third IR-D unit at Vetropack’s Pöchlarn glass plant in Austria.

Xpar Vision’s Infrared Dual Camera (IR-D) systems are positioned at both sides of the conveyor belt, between the IS Machine and the Hot End Coating tunnel. In real time the IR-D inspects all bottles for critical defects and rejects them already in the Hot End phase.

By doing this, the IR-D inspection saves a considerable amount of lehr- and inspection time, creates a more consistent and better CE flow and results in a safer environment, both in the Hot and Cold End. At the same time, process information on the cavity level is presented to the operators, allowing them to react immediately on any form of process or quality deviation.

Vetropack’s decision to install a third IR-D system in its Pöchlarn plant is part of the company’s strategy to commit to increasing customer expectations, by improving the plant’s efficiency and output.

This includes Vetropack’s capabilities to increase services in production and just-in-time delivery and also ranging from first-class package design and production, to consulting and support services in the area of packaging analysis.

“We are proud to extend the cooperation to the Pöchlarn plant and we are fully committed to support its team through our proven Implementation Roadmap, to embed the IR-D’s into its daily operation,” said Michael Podgorski, on behalf of Xpar Vision responsible for Customer Relations at the Vetropack Group.

The Vetropack Group is a European manufacturer of packaging glass, with a responsibility towards the environment. Collection centres at all production locations are operated to re-use recycled glass. Vetropack also has plants in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine and Italy.