Italian glass packaging manufacturer Zignago Vetro has chosen Messersì Packaging’s machinery for use in two of its Italian production plants.

Messersi Packaging has conceived for a system able to create a compact package, with the film that adheres perfectly to the bottles and isolates them from any hostile environmental condition, without the use of naked flames.

The use of the hood guarantees a rapid and more effective heat-shrinking process, stability, safety and savings but also aesthetic care of the package.

Zignago Vetro has chosen lines that are an ideal format for glass.

They have a composition that includes a squaring device, a horizontal strapping machine stabilising each layer of bottles, a shrink wrapping machine with four columns and a top pal to make package resistant, protected and compact suitable for and long journeys.

It guarantees energy saving during the packaging production.

The machinery will be installed in the Portogruaro and Empoli plants in the north of Italy.