Zignago Vetro has partnered with three glass treatment and collection companies to increase its use of cullet and reduce its CO2 impact.

The group has created a project in Italy that involves customers and stakeholders with the aim of increasing and improving the glass recycling chain.

To feed this circular model, the group has partnered with a network of distributors to source glass cullet directly from Zignago Vetro's customers.

The group will operate with the following three companies in the field of glass collection and treatment: Vetreco, Vetro Revet and Julia Vitrum.

This will result in a treatment capacity of approx. 800 thousand tons of raw glass per year, equal to about one third of the total raw glass collected in Italy in 2021.

These figures would make Zignago Vetro the main Italian operator in the recycling of glass.

Due to cullet’s reusability, it is possible to obtain a reduction in the consumption of energy necessary for fusion, a lower CO2 emission, a lower consumption of virgin raw materials and a lower quantity of waste in landfills.

To further minimise transport costs and CO2 emissions, Zignago Vetro’s partners will also be responsible for the transport to scrap treatment centres.

The initiative has been met with great success, especially among the medium-large wineries in the area.

The group hopes to expand its operations to the world of catering and HoReCa.