Zippe has installed a batch plant at Italian glass container manufacturer Vetri Speciali.

Zippe designed, built and commissioned Vetri Speciali’s batch plant with raw material feeding and a premix plant, including a cullet return system with scraping conveyor and glass level controller. It will feed a furnace that produces 150 tonnes a day.

The plant was put into operation, on schedule, at the beginning of November 2016. Production has been trouble-free from the start and the customer is satisfied with the performance of the new plant.

Zippe was entrusted with the order to execute the electrical control system with the latest PLC-generation system from Siemens (S7-1500). The Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal will be used. This engineering tool directly connects automation technology and the SCADA system.

This plant control system technology based on the TIA-portal, comprises modern operating concepts and highest system performance.

Two redundant servers guarantee a high availability and allow an operation of the batch plant, silo feeding and cullet return system from the furnace control room. Beside the PC-based control stations, local monitoring of the cullet plant is possible by means of a touch panel, which is also part of the TIA-portal.

The new weighing indicators, Z-WI-102, were installed. The weighing indicators were developed by Zippe particularly for the glass industry.

They transmit the weight values of the raw materials, cullet weighing systems as well as mixer and check scales to the central control system. The precise electrical activation of the dosing aggregates allows a dosing precision from up to +/- 1 g.

16 continuous filling level sensors (Siemens Sitrans LR560) will determine the filling level of the silos. The analogue measurement signal is analysed by the SPS control system and visualized on the SCADA-system.

Zippe was contract partner in the project and also responsible for the delivery of the electrical control system, including electrical commissioning and start-up.

Pictured: Siemens Control System S7-1500