Zippe has received an order for a batch plant from its longstanding customer, Messrs. Osotspa Glass.

The Thai company is to replace two existing furnaces at its Ayutthaya plant and Zippe will deliver the Batch Plant with a Batch and Cullet Conveying system for furnace number 1 in a first step.

The 250 tonnes per day furnace will produce amber bottles for energy drinks. Zippe will also supply the extension of the internal cullet system.

The new batch plant is scheduled for commissioning in April 2018 and will be ready for future extension for furnace no 2.

Messrs. Osotspa in Bangkok had previously ordered a batch plant from Zippe for its daughter company, Siam Glass Ayutthaya, in 2012.

The new batch plant will have a similar to design to the 2012 one and will be for the parent company, Messrs. Osotspa Glass Ayutthaya. It will be located approximately 10km away from the other batch plant.