Zippe has secured two orders from Thailand for a glass recycling plant and a batch plant.

The contract with Siam Cullet Co. includes a recycling plant including metal and non-metal separation, organic separation, ceramic, stone, porcelain separation (KSP), as well as colour sorting.

The capacity amounts to 30t/h whereby the plant can be extended up to 45t/h at a later date. Zippe designs and delivers complete plant control systems, all main components such as the screen and magnet technology as well as the optical sorting machines.

The customer will supply the conveying belts as well as the steel construction. Commissioning is planned for the end of 2018.

Zippe has also received an order from Siam Glass in Ayutthaya for the extension of a batch plant.

The company received an order in 2011 from Siam Glass for the original batch plant. The batch plant supplied a 660t/day furnace, built in 2012. Siam Glass plans to build a second furnace and extend the batch plant.

Due to the significantly reduced cullet share compared to the original design, two new bigger mixers will have to be installed in the batch plant, while the dosing and weighing plant will have to be adjusted due to the significantly reduced cullet share compared to the original design.

A new batch plant transport as well as a complete internal cullet return with two scrapers for the new furnace, SGA#2, are also included in the scope of delivery.

Both furnaces will produce amber colored bottles for Siam Glass’s own energy drink, M-150.

Commissioning furnace SGA#2 is planned for July 2019.