Zippe has been active in the field of internal cullet recycling and supplying scraper conveyors to the international glass industry for years.

Reducing wear and minimising the proportion of fine material are considered two reasons for improvement by customers, because the scraping conveyor runs longer than needed, due to changing production conditions.

This causes unnecessary energy costs and wear.

Zippe has developed the ZMART Scraper Control System to solve these problems.

Dependent on the gob weights and number of gobs, respectively hot bottles, the intelligent control module decides if and how quickly the scraping conveyor operates.

Furthermore, the required operation time is individually calculated and minimised.

The production data necessary for this calculation are provided automatically via simple standardised interfaces between the IS machines and the control system of the scraping conveyor.

If required, these parameters can also be entered and adapted manually, which allows a continuous and individual optimisation of the process.

Thus, a high flexibility for the operation and use with the customer is achieved, the operation time is reduced to the necessary minimum and, above all, this cost-saving opportunity is permanently available.

The ZMART scraper control was put into operation successfully at O-I's facility in Bernsdorf, Germany in August and has a stable, safe and efficient operation with excellent results.