James Wheatley
Senior Carbon Capture Chemist at


Decarbonising the glass industry: Carbon capture for challenging flue gases

Rapid advancements in renewable energy use are playing a huge role in reducing global CO2 emissions. However, glass and other heavy industries emit significant amounts of CO2 that are inherent to their processes and cannot easily be reduced. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) offers a vital route to decarbonize these industries, but existing state-of-the-art is highly susceptible to solvent degradation by other pollutants in industrial flue gases, raising costs prohibitively. C-Capture is developing a highly novel carbon capture solvent which is resistant to such degradation, considerably reducing operating costs and providing industry with a credible and affordable decarbonisation solution.


James Wheatley has been Senior Carbon Capture Chemist at C-Capture since 2019, where he leads the company’s ongoing work on capture solvent analysis at the lab and pilot scale. He received his PhD from the University of Leeds in 2017, specialising in the fundamentals of carbon capture chemistry. He has worked with a wide variety of carbon capture systems, ranging from simple to advanced amines and novel proprietary solvents.