Marek Stec
Senior Industry Advisor
International Finance Corporation (IFC)


IFC approach to financing sustainability in the Glass industry.

IFC, as part of the World Bank Group, supports the development of the private sector in emerging markets. It is providing capital and advisory services to glass manufacturers to help them strengthen sustainability. Investments are financing the adoption of technologies to reduce emissions and energy use, increased use of recycled glass in production, and development of more sustainable products, among others.


Marek is the senior industry advisor of IFC covering various manufacturing sectors. He has a double experience in Pure engineering, operations and Strategy, business development, acquisitions. His professional career was in private sector in Western Countries and Emerging countries: Eastern Europe, Central Asia. He worked in big international companies as Lafarge, VICAT, Alcan/RioTino, and Alstom with professional path encompasses multiple sectors including Construction – cement, Packaging and energy. Marek actively works on sustainability financing and is the co-author of IFC publications of COVID 19 Impact note on the cement industry and the report of strengthening sustainability in the glass industry.