In spite of global challenges, the Grenzebach Group exceeded its financial results from 2022.

Grenzebach has taken on new challenges and local market conditions, and also extended its presence in global markets.

The company achieved this by concentrating on its core areas of building materials and glass, and by collaborating more closely with regional Grenzebach organisations in the USA and China.

The figures presented by Dr Steven Althaus, CEO of the Grenzebach Group, confirm the group's positive development in 2023.

The company’s turnover amounted to €458 million – 27% above the previous year.

Meanwhile, the operating profit (EBIT) also increased to the figure of €38 million.

Grenzebach also recorded a strong level of incoming orders, amounting to €494 million in 2023.

Compared with 2022, which was stronger than average, incoming orders declined by 17% – in line with expectations

The company continues to show steady growth despite the global crises and challenges of recent years, including rising protectionism, supply chain difficulties, sustainability and staff shortages.

Core markets

The group continues to see potential in this area through the growth of its global customers. An indicator for this is the high demand for production technologies and solutions for glass and solar glass.

As expected, demand fell compared with 2022 and Grenzebach recorded a 19% reduction in incoming orders compared with the strong previous year.

Nevertheless, the global market trend for photovoltaic (PV) production facilities will increase in the long-term, particularly in the USA and China.


The Grenzebach Group increased it investments during the 2023 business year and spent €13 million on research, development, and global infrastructures.

In the USA, the demand for automation solutions is growing strongly, coinciding with the significantly expanding market.

In Europe, a saturated market is emerging, with a focus on energy efficiency.

In contrast, there is continuous growth in the Asian market and a need for localisation.

Grenzebach is focusing on regionalisation and strengthening local markets as centres of production and sales.

In early 2024, a new location with a production capacity of 4,500 sqm was opened in Pune, India.

This location was already profitable in its first year.

Meanwhile, the Romanian manufacturing facility in Iaşi, along with its manufacturing capacities, are currently being doubled.

Likewise, the Grenzebach locations in North America are also set to be expanded to cover the growing market needs and to expand the market development.